Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Hiring

If you want your wedding day to run smoothly and be the dance party of your dreams, you need to hire a DJ/MC with both the experience, and the energy to get your guests out of their seats, and onto the dance floor. 

Our wedding DJs will play all your favorite songs at your reception, whether it’s a sentimental tune for your first dance or a wedding classic to get the party started. However, it’s essential to know the DJ near me before hiring who will significantly impact my special day. There are many ways to contact them before hiring them – you can call, email, or send your queries online. The latter is the easiest and the quickest way to find the answers to all your questions. Below are the questions to ask your wedding DJ before hiring.

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Primary Questions to Ask DJs for a Wedding before Hiring Them

Before jumping into a list of “must-play” songs at your wedding, get a feel for your potential DJ and how they can enhance your wedding day. Some essential questions for a wedding DJ include the following.

How Long Have You Been a DJ?

A professional will comfortably jump into his disc jockey role and have experience handling technical issues, managing guests, and working hand in hand behind the scenes with your vendor team. 

What Is Your Availability?

The first question to ask a DJ for a wedding is if they can play on your dream date. Find out if they’re available and what steps are required to reserve their services on your date.

Do You Offer a Professional Contract?

A contract highlights equipment, obligations, performance requirements, and additional services you and your DJ agree upon. It also shows their level of professionalism and unwavering commitment to your wedding reception.

What Is the Average Cost of a DJ or DJ MC?

If you are looking for a highly professional DJ/MC, then on average, a DJ can cost around $1500 to $5000+. However, the price point can vary depending on your selected wedding package.

Can I Meet My DJ Personally before the Big Day?

Before any other questions to ask your DJ, check if you can meet with the assigned talent. It’s important to get to know and like your DJ before you leave them in charge of the most important day of your life. If you can’t meet them in person, having a virtual meeting is just as productive and can give you a sense of their experience, energy, and passion for what they do. ie star for glamorous photos.

How Long Does the DJ Play Music?

Make sure to confirm the duration your DJ will play music at your party. The amount of time your wedding DJ performs will often change the final cost, so enquire about the kind of packages they offer. In addition to this, inquire about the overtime charges if the party is extended for a little longer.

Does Your Company Have Up-to-Date equipment?

The last thing you need is the system breaking down at the peak of your party. High-quality equipment will keep the party going with clear audio and elevate your experience with dynamic lighting. Some offer add ons like photo booths, projector rentals, custom gobos, and special effects as well. Good questions to ask your wedding DJ include whether they have emergency backup equipment.

How Far in Advance Do We Need to Book a DJ for the Wedding?

Typically, booking a DJ between nine to 12 months in advance will secure your wedding DJ of choice. However, exceptionally popular dates, like Saturdays in July and August can book over two years in advance. When considering what to ask a wedding DJ, inquire how long they’ll hold your date before booking. Often you will be required to place a deposit of 25-50% of the total cost in order to secure the date. 

questions to ask dj

Other Important Questions to Ask DJs before Hiring

How long do you require for set up/breakdown?

Can we submit a song list in advance?

Can we provide a do-not-playlist? 

How many events do you DJ in a single day?

Besides DJ services (MC, photobooth, lighting), what do you offer?

Do you accept guest’s song requests?

What do you need us to provide on the day of?

Costing and Payment Details

What is the total cost of your services? 

Do you offer payment plans?

How much would you charge for overtime?

How much is the deposit?

What is your cancellation policy?

The Importance of Asking Questions to Your Wedding DJ before Hiring

The questions above will help you differentiate between a novice and a pro. The difference is stark. Getting the answers you need will guarantee you trust your DJ to guide you and your guests through the intricacies of a wedding, and play the right music to get all your guests involved. 

Hiring an Expert Wedding DJ: Orion Entertainment

At Orion Entertainment, we encourage preparing a wedding DJ questionnaire; our experienced staff is ready to prove their worth with every answer. For a better understanding of further questions to ask your wedding DJ or for a free quote, fill out the contact form today!


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