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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the art of curating a dynamic song request list for your event, ensuring a diverse and enjoyable musical atmosphere.

For a well-rounded request list, aim for around 30 songs. This gives your DJ enough insight into your musical tastes, helping them create an atmosphere that mirrors your preferences.

Include a variety of songs you and your guests would enjoy. If you love ‘Uptown Funk’, your DJ can infer you might also enjoy ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’. Don’t feel the need to list all your favorite pop songs – a few will give your DJ the right direction.

If there are songs you must hear, include them in your list and label them as ‘Must Play’. Conversely, if there are songs you definitely don’t want to be played, list them in a section labeled ‘Do Not Play’. This ensures your DJ understands your preferences clearly.

The more songs on your request list, the better your DJ can gauge your tastes. This not only helps them select additional tracks you’ll likely enjoy but also avoids playing songs that might ruin your mood. However, too few songs can make their job more challenging.

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Customizing Your Soundtrack

Music is the soul of any event. At Orion Entertainment, we take the time to understand your musical taste, both in genre and era. We then customize a unique soundtrack for your event that complements your style and matches the mood of the occasion. We make it our priority to create an atmosphere that fits your vision perfectly.

Common Questions

Explore FAQs about our tailored DJ services and unique photo booth offerings to ensure a memorable event experience.

Absolutely. Most of the time, your DJ/MC is the one facilitating a smooth flow for your event. It is their job to let all of your guests know when to do what. So it is crucial for Wedding DJ’s, and Bar Mitzvah DJ’s especially. Essentially, if you want your event to run smoothly and go off without a hitch, you need to get your DJ a timeline with at least two weeks of notice. That way they can tell you if they see anything that sets off any alarm bells. As event professionals, trust the expertise of your Wedding DJ or Bar-Mitzvah DJ, they know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to events, so go ahead and run ideas by us! We’d love to help and provide suggestions throughout the planning process if you are open to them.

DJ pricing varies based on several factors like experience, quality of equipment, demand, skill level, and name recognition. It’s important to note that not all DJs provide the same range of services.

Companies like ours offer more than just music. We provide MC services, lighting, and DJ games. Always inquire about these extra features, especially for unique events like a Bar-Mitzvah where the DJ’s interaction with the kids is paramount.

If budgeting is a concern, remember to prioritize what will make your event enjoyable. Cutting the DJ budget may not be the best place to save. If your preferred DJ is too expensive, ask for recommendations in your price range. DJs often exchange referrals, helping you find the right DJ that suits both your event and your budget.

The two most expensive aspects of any event are usually the venue and the caterer. However, remember that even a simple backyard event can become memorable with the right DJ. Conversely, even the most extravagant event can be boring if the DJ isn’t right. Thus, we strongly advise against cutting corners when hiring a DJ.

Here are a few tips:

  • Ask your venue for discounts for non-prime time days like weekdays or Sundays.
  • Consider hosting the event at a friend’s house or your own if the space allows.
  • If you’re a member of an athletic club or cultural society, they might offer event spaces at a discounted rate for members.

Quality food often leaves a lasting impression on guests. Here are some tips to save money without compromising on the quality:

  • Consider hiring a food truck. The food is usually fresh, and it adds a unique flavor to your event.
  • Buy appetizers from wholesale stores or make them yourself. Most caterers are okay with serving homemade or pre-purchased appetizers.
  • Check if your favorite local restaurant caters events. It might be less expensive than a catering company, and the food might be even better!

We’ve experienced a lot of catered food at events and visited various venues, so we definitely have our favorites. Don’t hesitate to ask us for suggestions!

Yes they do! All our booths include prints automatically. If you’d rather not have prints, we can discount your order by $100. “Save $100 and the environment by opting for no prints!”

No, they do not have to be consecutive but, you will be charged for the idle time that the photo booth is there. 

  1. The Standard booth boasts an open-air design, ideal for accommodating larger groups and dynamic poses, while seamlessly integrating with diverse event themes.
  2. The Mirror booth introduces an enchanting experience with a 6-foot magic mirror, engaging guests through vivid animations, touch-screen customization, custom signatures, and stickers, creating an unforgettable and personalized photo session.

Yes you can! If you need to rent a photo booth for a trade show, conference, or multi-day event we would be happy to work with you and come up with a custom quote for your event. Just ask the sales representative for details.

Yes and no. All of our print booths (Classic and Mirror booth) require an attendant to ensure that the experience runs as we expect and to troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise during your event. However, the selfie booth can be set up by an attendant and left without supervision. A technician will be on stand by via phone if any problems occur. This booth is our simplest and most reliable and rarely encounters technical difficulties.

Our booths requires 2 hours for set up.

Technicians always come prepared with backup paper if a print booth was to run out of paper. At this point, we would temporarily close the booth and replace the paper in order to make the experience run smoothly. If you notice the printer is not printing your photos, notify the technician and they will assist you!

If your photo comes out blurry simply take another photo. We cannot guarantee that every single photo is going to be in focus. Our cameras are focused so that people standing behind the line are always in focus. Also, if you are moving too much the photo may come out blurry! Luckily you have unlimited prints, and you can always take as many photos as you like until you get the perfect one!

A rush fee is an additional charge for expedited service to accommodate tight deadlines. We charge it to ensure seamless event preparation, including customization, equipment setup, and coordination, guaranteeing an exceptional experience.

Yes we do! Ask the sales representative for details.