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If you have had a chance to read our reviews, you probably noticed a lot of folks mentioning the “app” that we use to manage client’s requests and timelines. Well, that app has a story. On this episode of OEP, we chronicle Vibo’s emergence into the US market, and Orion Entertainment’s role in its expansion. As the first DJ in the United States to adopt the platform, and a devoted Brand Ambassador to this day; I cannot express how much Vibo has changed the way we conduct business, meet with clients, and stay on top of the numerous events we do in a single wedding/event season. Vibo does many things, but primarily, it is a way for our clients to input their song requests for each facet of their wedding’s timeline. It keeps them on track, with up to date progress bars that reflect how much they have input, and how much they still have yet to do. Clients often ask if we have sample playlists they can see, with Vibo they can search through recommendations for songs in every section built into the app. They are able to invite their guests to have limited access as well. This allows guests to get their song requests in ahead of time so the DJ can come as prepared as possible to cater their music selections to you and your guests. Most importantly, you can provide detailed instructions for your DJ on how to execute your dream wedding vision. When it comes to planning a wedding, couples can get overwhelmed with just how many decisions they have to make. Vibo gives clients a template to guide them on their musical journeys. Many times, clients don’t realize just how many moving parts there are during a wedding that require music and direction for their DJ and MC. I know that when client’s book with us after their initial consultation, (having been walked through the app) they have confidence in us, and peace of mind that their DJ is their most organized and easiest vendor to work with.

Vibo is always changing and adapting, just as technology and music tastes change over the years. Perhaps one of the most exciting features is the ability for clients to import Spotify playlists directly into their cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing sections. It’s important to meet people where they’re at. We have found that so many clients have already gotten a head-start on their playlists using streaming services, building out their playlists before they even meet with their potential DJs. Vibo makes it as easy as possible for clients to sync their Spotify playlists directly into their wedding timelines. Making the planning process streamlined and easier for everyone involved.

Vibo is more than just a piece of software. It is also a network of committed, high caliber DJs across the country who share a vision of excellence throughout the wedding and event industry. We collaborate, and are committed to sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other to help propel the industry forward. I am so grateful to Micheal Mahler, the founder of Vibo for creating this community and continuing to elevate our industry through continued education, brand ambassadorship, and so much more. Want to learn more about how Vibo can help your DJ business? Go to ViboDJ.com and set up a demo with Micheal! If you are a potential client wanting to set up an initial consultation to see if we would be a good fit, be sure to fill out the contact form and we can get the ball rolling!
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