Glam Photobooth For Glamorous Photo in Seattle, WA

Photo Booths have taken the events industry by storm! And for good reason! Why? It’s fun, interactive, and gives your special occasion the x-factor you are looking for. Providing guests with the option of capturing their own memories has become a must-have at your event!

The glam photo booth is a filter that creates flawless photos that use a combination of grayscale and a Beauty Filter to create a Kardashian-inspired look. How is this done? Guests stand before a 6-foot magic mirror and watch as crystal clear animations, and lively designs provide cues through the process from start to finish. Viola! There you have flawless images that create the perfect memory of your special occasion.

No matter the age, the glam photo booth’s on-screen instructions make it a simple and fun experience for everyone to use. With a variety of options to choose from, looking like a Hollywood high roller has never been this easy.

Why do we love the glam photo booth? It gives you that fresh and flawless look! Turning all your party guests into the glam stars they are!

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Seattle Glam Photo Booth

The Seattle glam photo booth is a service that one can add to an existing mirror booth package. This filter allows individuals to capture high-quality images that can be used for their next profile picture, or headshot, or even allow them to be featured in a publication.

Great for celebrations of any kind, the glam photo booth offers a variety of options to choose from in order to suit the tailored needs of each individual. Photos are printed on-site and delivered directly to the mobile device entered into the system. Convenience at its best!

Highlights of Glam Photo Booth Seattle

If perfect lighting is a requirement then look no further, because our Seattle glam photo booth experience offers studio lighting along with its professional photoshoot quality experience. Those who make use of this glamorous photo booth will be able to enjoy the likes of a variety of backdrops accompanied by a high-caliber DSLR camera. 

If props and backdrops are what you are looking for, our glam booth will not disappoint. Choose from a variety of backdrops and prop options to match the vibe of your event. Whether you are having a beach-themed luau or an elegant gala we have a backdrop and props to take your glam photo booth experience to the next level. 

be glam photo booth Seattle

Rental Glam Booth in Seattle

Depending on the mood or occasion, Seattle glam booths offer options to suit every need or personality. Included in the glam booth options are interactive touch screens, GIFs, Boomerang, custom templates, filters, prop-bundles, studio lights, digital prints, and delivery, as well as on-site printing.

You can use the Glam booth filter on any one of our three amazing photo booth options:

  1. Mirror booth
  2. Selfie booth
  3. Classic booth

The Mirror Booth offers on-screen instructions which make the process simple and fun for anyone who stops by to capture a moment or ten. Included in this option is an on-site photo booth attendant ready to assist anyone who may require help in getting those images taken. 

This package includes:

  1. A total of up to 4 hours of unlimited photo booth
  2. On-duty attendant
  3. Backdrop
  4. On-site printing
  5. One prop bundle
  6. Access to an online digital album

The Classic Booth offers an open-air style photo booth that is fast and fantastic. All one needs to do is walk up to the touch screen kiosk, grab some props and pose. The classic booth option can be used with or without a backdrop, but conveniently one is included with every rental. This glam photo booth option is great for that sleek modern style and compliments any decor used.

This package includes:

  1. A total of up to 4 hours of unlimited photo booth
  2. On-duty attendant
  3. Backdrop
  4. Printed images at the event
  5. One prop bundle
  6. Access to an online digital album

The Selfie Booth, inspired by the likes of social media, creates enough hype for any event in the title alone. Perfect for content creation at any event, guests have the option to post using a specific hashtag when their photo is delivered through text or email. 

Conveniently, this booth can be set up anywhere, which means location is not a problem in the slightest. Get silly and enjoy creating content for any event with the easy-to-use glam selfie booth.

This option includes:

  1. A total of up to 4 hours of unlimited photo booth
  2. On-call assistance
  3. Backdrop
  4. Access to an online digital album

Choose from Our Glam Photo Booth in Seattle!

The world is changing and so is the way that memories are captured. Call us today to get a free quote and get one step closer to creating those glamorous Hollywood lifestyle moments. Make use of the convenient online queries option at where all questions and concerns will be attended to in a fast and efficient manner. 


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