School Dance DJ in Seattle

Should You Hire a School Dance DJ?

Are you or a member of your staff in charge of organizing a school dance? If so, you may be wondering if you should hire a school dance DJ or if you should hire a live band. This is a good question. Typically, school dances do better when you hire a school dance DJ. Unless you can hire a band with a name that is famous and popular among your student body, that it’s actually safer to hire a school dance DJ. The reason for this is that you can request and approve the music from the DJ. If you hire a live band, and they start playing music that the student body does not enjoy, you’re kind of stuck with that all night. But if your school dance DJ starts playing music that the student body doesn’t like, all you have to do is ask him to play something different.

How an Event DJ Can Make You a Popular Party Host

Do you have an upcoming event for which you are responsible for choosing the musical entertainment? If so, consider hiring an event DJ. An event DJ can make you a very popular party host! The reasons for this are myriad. First of all, an event DJ understands how to motivate your guests to get up and dance. Also, an event DJ is often skilled at building music sets that allow guests to dance and then take a rest in between. If you have an event coming up and you are trying to plan the musical entertainment, you deserve to know that an event DJ can completely transform the event from something that is forgettable into something that is completely memorable. For more information about hiring an event DJ, please contact us.


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