Why You Should Have A Wedding Photo Booth

Planning a wedding isn’t an effortless task. There is so much to think about. The colors, the food, the music, the people, and the list just goes on. Photography is a crucial aspect to consider. Yes, hiring a skilled photographer to capture your special moments is essential, but how about adding a bit of extra fun by hiring a photo booth?

Photo booths have grown in popularity over the years and are commonly found at weddings, parties, and special events. 

Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding 

When you think of the perfect wedding, certain things spring to mind, an open bar, a fantastic DJ, and a photo booth. These things bring an element of fun to the wedding and are sure to put a big smile on your guests’ faces. 

Having a photo booth is a great way to get candid and fun photos of your friends and family. The fun props that are provided lighten the mood and make taking fun photos that much easier. You can even add additional services to enhance the experience, such as a guest book. This includes an additional printed photo per session to use for the guest book and markers for guests to dictate messages next to their photo. At the end of the evening, we will give you the completed book to take home! A memorable keepsake will help you treasure your memories for years. 

Top 5 reasons for having a photo booth 

  1. Photo booths are fun for everyone! We are able to adjust the camera angle to fit people of all heights, including children! 
  2. Photos make fantastic wedding favors: In the past, couples would spend money and time on little keepsakes of chocolates or bubbles as a token for attending the wedding. Unfortunately, although it’s a very thoughtful gesture, the gifts are usually soon forgotten. 

A digital or printed photo is the gift that keeps on giving. The pictures can be saved to your phone or printed out and put into cute frames. There is also access to the online wedding gallery so everyone can see the pictures and choose the ones they want to keep.

  1. Less pressure on the photographer: The photographer will be busy taking photos of the main events at the wedding. They may not have time to take photos of each guest. Many guests don’t like posing for stiff professional pictures and prefer the freedom and fun of the photo booth.
  2. Extra pictures: Who doesn’t want more pictures of their family and friends on your special day? 
  3. Shows how much fun the wedding was: if you’ve been to a wedding, then I’m sure you have been in a photo booth and know just how much fun they are. The props and silly poses make for some awesome memories that you will treasure forever. 

Create the perfect scene 

A fun way to customize your photo booth experience is to select from any one of our fun and festive backdrops! You can view the different options included with any rental here! Pick the one that best fits your wedding decor or theme. Visit Orion Entertainment to check out more about wedding DJs and photo booths.

Customizing these features will make for creative wedding photo ideas and hours of fun. 

Top tips 

  • Put the wedding photo booth in a high-traffic area where the guest can see it easily.
  • Search for photo booth rental for weddings and parties as far in advance as possible.¬†
  • Draw attention to your photo booth with signs and lighting¬†
  • Have the DJ/MC announce that guests use the photo booth. Make sure they give the last call so that everyone who hasn’t had a chance to use it yet can do so!

Putting a ring on it 

At the end of the day, you want to document how much fun you and your guests had at the wedding and have memories to keep for years. Photo booth rentals for weddings are an excellent way to add fun and excitement to your special day and ensure that you will have pictures to cherish forever. 

Do you enjoy taking silly pictures in the photo booth at weddings? Contact us today or Let us know in the comments!


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