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At Orion Entertainment, our mission is to make your most important events, unforgettable. What better way to remember your events, than a video captured by the incredibly talented Justin Frick?

Justin’s passion in video lies in his work with local artists - editing, directing, and shooting their music videos. His creativity is sure to shine through when it comes to the video he takes at your event. His eye will truly capture the essence of your Wedding, Bar-Mitzvah, or any important life milestone you wish to celebrate with us.

Justin is blazing trails in the Seattle Videography scene and we are so excited to start offering his incredible services to our clients! We encourage you to check out some of his work here. Warning, you may get chills.


Orion Entertainment is extremely excited to announce that starting in February of 2018, we will be offering our clients a new, improved, higher end DJ service. We are proud to announce the beginning of a new chapter for us as a Seattle DJ company. We give you, the Ultimate Orion Experience.

Our new Ultimate Package will include state of the art Moving Head “Gobo” Dancefloor Lighting, Truss Towers, and top of the line sound quality from QSC, the nicest commercial speakers available. These guys have plenty of pump to get your guests going, but the overall quality in tone will give your cocktail hour and dinner a noticeable clarity when it comes to quieter music as well. We will also be giving ourselves a bit of a makeover and providing a DJ façade as well as an up-lit scrim to cover the metal truss for a clean and professional look. This package will also come with 10 wireless up-lights to transform your venue, and provide the appropriate atmosphere included at no extra cost! What’s most exciting is that we will now be offering our QSC sound upgrade to our Elite customer’s as well – at no increase in price.

We are also bringing back our DJ Only package. This is for smaller, lower budget events, that don’t need all the pomp and circumstance but still want to have an awesome party. This way, we can cater to all our clients accordingly and there is a package perfect for event planning on a budget.

We started 2018 on the right foot, and now we are ready to step into our new shoes! We can’t wait to show you pictures and videos of our upcoming events, so be sure to follow us on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for all-of the updates as they happen!


We are beyond excited to announce that we have received a 2018 Couple's Choice award from WeddingWire! This award recognizes the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide and is awarded to companies who have received 5-Star glowing reviews from their clients.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our amazing couples who took the time to write kind words about us, and the love we have for our work. You guys are the only reason we are fortunate enough to receive this award, and you're amazing reviews mean the world to us.

Orion Entertainment is officially an award-winning DJ and Photobooth Business. What a way to start off the new year!


Bar mitzvahs are a ton of work. Your kids put in countless hours of time studying Torah, learning t’filot, and going to Hebrew school week after week so that they can be ready for the big day. After all that hard work, you want to make sure that their bar mitzvah party is going to make all of that hard work worth it in the end. There is only one way to guarantee that your child’s bar mitzvah party is going to be as “lit” as they’re hoping it will be – hire Orion Entertainment. Seattle’s best bar mitzvah DJ.

We aren’t afraid to say it anymore, we know it’s the truth. But what exactly makes us Seattle’s best bar mitzvah DJ?

1. Experience: Bar mitzvahs are the bedrock of our company. They’re how we got our start and we haven’t forgotten it. In the last 5 years, we have performed at over 100 bar mitzvahs, in 3 states, with just as many happy clients. We know how to keep the kids engaged with fun bar mitzvah games and play the right mix of music to get everyone on the dancefloor. We often assist our clients in planning the timeline of their event. Our clients know they can rely on our expertise to know what to do when so the flow of the evening is seamless. We also have tons of recommendations for amazing local vendors we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Trust our experience and you will have an evening you and your guests will never forget.

2. Connection: We have deep roots in the Jewish community. Being Jewish ourselves, we know what a bar mitzvah party is meant to be. We know the traditions, the music, and the significance of this meaningful day for your entire family.

3. Passion: Proof of our passion is in the energy we bring to your child’s Bar Mitzvah. We want you to have fun, and let us worry about keeping your kids engaged. We love interacting with the kids and coming up with new and interesting bar mitzvah games that they’ve never played before – or putting new twists on old classics. This is probably what sets us apart, our passion for what we do, and our energy to keep up with 50 of your son or daughters closest friends.

4. Professionalism: If you have ever had to plan a large event, you know there are a lot of moving parts. It’s imperative that your bar mitzvah DJ is punctual, professional, and can help you move through the evening’s programming seamlessly. You need to be able to depend on us, and you can. Not once, have we ever delayed the start time of an event, canceled last minute on a client, or failed to perform our promised duties.

Just ask any one of our previous clients, and they will tell you that Orion Entertainment is the Best Bar Mitzvah DJ in Seattle. Don’t believe us? Just ask, and we will connect you with a previous client who would love to tell you all about us.


There are probably a ton of Buzzfeed articles out there about how to DJ your own wedding – and that’s great. But remember, after you read “12 Egg Tips and Tricks They Teach You in Culinary School” you aren’t any closer to becoming Gordon Ramsay. You probably aren’t catering your own wedding, so don’t DJ it either. It’s simple, there are professional DJ’s for a reason, and just because you downloaded a wedding DJ app, doesn’t mean you should have.

The rise of the iPhone DJ has created many issues for the modern-day wedding DJ and has made crowds increasingly more difficult to please. Wide access to streaming music (which DJ’s can’t use with their DJ software) gives guests the presumption that if they can play a song on their iPhone when-ever they want, well, then a DJ should be able to play any song whenever they want. But this is not always the case. The effect of this disconnect has led to increasingly demanding crowds that can be very difficult to please. It takes the expertise, and the thick skin of a seasoned DJ to know how to effectively manage a demanding crowd, and keep everyone on the dancefloor. You don’t want that responsibility, trust me. Just give your DJ the perfect request list and let them use that information to make your wedding night one you’ll never forget.

DJing my first wedding back in 2013 was honestly one of the most terrifying things I had ever done. All I could think about was ruining a couple’s special day and how if everything didn’t go perfectly that hellfire would rain down upon me in the form of the dreaded bridezilla. Fortunately, it was an incredible evening, and everyone had a great time, but the most terrifying part of the entire night was playing the music for the ceremony. All I knew, was that I do not want to be the person responsible for botching a moment someone has dreamed about their entire life. Being a professional wedding DJ, is a lot of responsibility (but of course it’s highly rewarding).

There is a ton of prep work that goes in to being a Wedding DJ. But the preparation is done over the course of years, and while your DJ will do specific work for your wedding, they have already done a lot of the prep work in their music collections by trial and error of gauging reactions to songs played for crowds. DJ’s are constantly reading a crowd, at times, they make mistakes and lose that crowd. But the true sign of a good wedding DJ is to be able to lose a crowd, and adjust to bring them back and then make them stay. We aren’t psychic, we can’t read minds, we just have a lot of experience when it comes to playing music for other people. We wouldn’t try to do your job, so don’t try to do ours.


Orion Entertainment is proud to be the only Seattle wedding DJ to be partnered with a powerful request management app for your big day. In fact, we aren't just the only DJ service in Seattle that uses Vibo, we are the first and only DJ service in the entire country using it!

Over the years, we have seen it all. Everything from just a list of song titles, without the artist's name, to screenshots of Spotify playlists sent via text. But no more, we are proud Vibo users, and we are never going back - to the benefit of our clients!

This app makes crafting the perfect wedding playlist, a breeze. Once we set you up on your Vibo account, you are in control. As an administrator, you can add your friends and family to the app and they too can contribute to your wedding playlist by adding songs, and up-voting your song selections. But don't worry, they only have access to the sections you allow them to. At the end of the day, you still have the final say!

What's important, is that your wedding DJ also has access to all that information, and for a wedding DJ, knowledge and preparation is power. Upon arriving at your event, your professional DJ comes equipped with a report of the most liked songs by your guests and a break down of what music is supposed to be played when. No more worrying about whether or not you told the DJ what song you wanted to walk down the aisle to, or have for your first dance! No more scrambling together at the last minute to email your wedding DJ that 1o song request list, Vibo allows you to add songs as you think of them, and send them directly to your wedding DJ.

Not only does the app make crafting the perfect wedding playlist simple, easy, and on the go. It makes life for your wedding DJ easy, and thats why we love it as much as our clients do! Vibo allows you to browse through Youtube to select songs, and it also has popular song suggestions if you get stuck. Everything from the latest hits, throwbacks and more.

If you are in a coffee shop, and hear an awesome new song that MUST be on your wedding playlist, you can even Shazam the song, and then add it directly to your dance playlist. The second you think of a song to add to your playlist, you can send it straight to your wedding DJ. It's as simple as that.

Your profile on the app will also have the start, end time, as well as the venue of your wedding so that you know your DJ will be on time, and ready to go with all of your music selections. When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, and making sure the playlist is just right, Vibo gives you and your wedding DJ peace of mind.