A Wedding with a Theme, is a Fun Wedding Indeed…

I woke up to panoramic views off the coast of Orcas Island prepped and ready to go for the days wedding. I always head up to the San Juans the day before a gig so that I don’t have ferry induced panic attacks – it’s best for everyone. As I sipped my Island grown coffee that my Airbnb host so graciously provided, I hoped a few orca might grace my field of view. Alas, the ferry turned the corner and off-hopped my wedding DJ assistant, Christian. I had him walk on the ferry so that we could be certain of our timely arrival for set up.

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We walked from the ferry terminal to the cottage I was staying in and pulled out our attire for the day, two jingling jester hats and medieval themed garb. We knew it was going to be a wedding to remember. There’s something exciting about getting dressed up – especially when it’s in character. It prepares you both mentally, and physically for the performance you are going to put on. As a guest, it puts you in the party mindset, and it gets you excited for the event. Who doesn’t love to be someone else for an evening?
We arrived at the venue for set up to find Odd Fellows Hall transformed into a dining hall fit for Kings and Queens. The four head tables lead by House Sigils that the bride and groom had thoughtfully crafted, represented each of the 4 families in attendance, each symbol emblazoned holding a personal connection to the family it represented.

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Everyone was dressed to theme, there were children dressed as monks having sword fights on the balcony overlooking the bay. A towering woman dressed in all black as Maleficent, and oh, the Bride, looking radiant as she dawned the same dress that Margery Tyrell wore in Game of Thrones. One fit for a real life Queen.

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The ceremony by Reverend Jim Beidle brought the theme to life and encorporated it in meaningful way that made everything feel real. The bride and groom’s hands, fasted by an intricately braided rope as they spoke their vows set the scene for the rest of the night. As jesters of her majesty’s court, I addressed the crowd as Lords and Ladies, introduced the bride and groom to the reception with medieval fanfare and played contemporary medieval covers for cocktail hour. The Genre is actually called “Bardcore” and it created the perfect atmosphere for drinks. After dinner, with the mead flowing, we partied like it was 1322 – albeit to the classic wedding hits from the 60’s, 90’s and early 2000s. Not everyone can or wants to pull off themed weddings and events. But I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I will never forget Luke and Madi’s one of a kind Medieval Island Wedding. It was memorable in all the right ways for all the best reasons. The decor not only sold the theme, but it made the space beautiful and tied everything together. I wish more couples decided to have themed weddings. It not only showcases their personality, it creates cohesion throughout the event. It prepares guests physically and mentally for the day ahead, and creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere for all who attend. If you a flirting with the idea of a themed wedding, I’d encourage you to seriously explore the possibilities. Be unusual, be you. After all, it’s YOUR wedding!

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