What is A Virtual Dance Party?

Few things bring people together more than dancing to the perfect song at a party. However, the quarantines of the COVID era have put a damper on our ability to do a lot of partying. Fortunately, thanks to virtual parties, you can still capture that special moment with your friends in the comfort of your homes.

What is a virtual dance party? Put simply; it is a dance celebration hosted online that has become an excellent way to get together with your friends or family, having fun virtually without worrying about social distancing.

The best part about hosting dance parties is how ideal they are for people of all ages. Kids and teenagers can have clean fun without getting exposed to alcohol or drugs, and adults can enjoy dancing with friends in calmer environments.

Are you curious about how it all works? Read on to learn how to have a virtual party.

virtual dance party

How to Host a Virtual Dance Party

Hosting your dance party online doesn’t take much, and you can do it in the following simple steps.

Set the Date and Time

The first step is picking a suitable date and time for your event. This will depend on your guests’ schedules.

Choose the Dance Party Theme

Adding a theme to your dance party makes it fun while adding some structure, especially regarding the type of music you play. You can consider various themes, ranging from a decade-themed party to a Halloween or club theme.

Choose the Right Platform to Host a Virtual Dance Party

Though Zoom is the preferred platform for many people, quarantines have led to the creation of several other platforms that allow you to host virtual meetings. Any of these platforms will do for your virtual dance party. You need to all see each other in Gallery view mode.

Hire the Professional DJs

Yes, you could play music from your collection. However, having a professional DJ makes the party even better. This is because their experience and expertise enable them to adjust their setlist according to how your guests respond to the music.

Hire a Professional Host or MC

Coordinating a group of people and ensuring they have fun in a virtual space can be challenging. Similar to the way hiring a professional DJ makes your virtual dance party better, hiring an experienced host or MC would do the same.

Hosts can keep their eyes on the display, seeing who is rocking the dance floor so that they pin that dancer’s video to the whole stream, allowing them to show off.

Prepare a Guest List and Send Invites

Go through your contact list, pick the people you’d love to have joined in the fun, create fun invites, and send them out.

Set Up the Speakers and Scene

The quality of sound will be the most crucial factor. Fortunately, connecting your device to external speakers and cranking the sound will do the trick. A simple Bluetooth speaker will do the trick. The DJ can have a streaming device and online DJ booth that directs sound from the mixer to their phones. After sorting the speakers, consider setting up your space to give it a more party feel.

Get Dressed and Take Photos

Though you don’t have to get all dressed up, doing so might make the event feel more real. Last but not least, remember to take a few photos to mark the event.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional DJ or MC for Your Virtual Dance Party

Take your virtual dance parties to another whole level by hiring professional virtual DJs/MCs. Some of the benefits you can enjoy includes:

● Better sound quality
● Larger library of music
● Reliability
● Technical expertise
● Peace of mind that lets you focus on the fun

The best part about hiring professionals for your virtual dance party is that they are better at fixing any problems that might pop up. Also, a professional DJ knows how to pick the songs that will keep the party going.

Orion Entertainment – Professional DJs for Your Virtual Dance Party

Although virtual dance parties are not the same as in-person parties, they still help lighten the mood, giving you a chance to dance your inhibitions away. After all, what’s better than letting loose in a place in which you feel most comfortable?

Make your virtual dance party the talk among your friends and family with the professional services of a virtual event DJ from Orion Entertainment. From sending in your song requests to getting custom graphics tailored to your virtual event, working with us has many benefits.

Contact Orion Entertainment for the professional DJ you need for your virtual dance party.


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