What Does A Wedding MC Do?

What could be more devastating than a wedding day gone wrong? Not much, right? Well, that’s where the addition of a wedding MC can ensure that the day stays on track, your guests are informed of what is happening and where they are supposed to be, and your wedding vision is executed.

Those unfamiliar with the term a wedding MC or Master of Ceremonies are the glue that holds everything together when it comes to the wedding day. They not only act as the host of your event, but they also represent the couple, introduce anyone who will be speaking at the wedding, and coordinate with the other vendors to ensure that the day’s events run smoothly. For example, they make sure the photographers have finished eating before conducting toasts.

What is a Wedding MC?

A wedding MC, also known as Master of Ceremonies, is the individual who runs the day by keeping the day’s events on schedule while keeping the audience engaged. From helping direct guests to their seats to introducing the newlywed couple to the crowd and announcing their first dance, a wedding MC is the center point for communication and control for the day.

Duties of an MC at a Wedding

So what exactly does a wedding MC do? This ever so important job involves, amongst many things, the task of guiding the guests and informing the wedding party of what is happening and what they can expect to take place throughout the day.

The MC will be responsible for liaising with the wedding planners and event coordinators and those in charge of the venue, entertainment, photographers, and videographers. All of which are key elements to any wedding.

Here are a few tasks that a wedding MC is solely responsible for:

Meeting with the couple before the wedding.
Being in charge of structuring the reception.
Being in charge of hosting the reception.
Helping to gather guests for photos.
Helping guests find their seats.
Making announcements such as the arrival of the newlyweds at the wedding reception.
Announcing the ever so special first dance.
Introducing the different speakers at the reception.
Explaining to guests how and when meal service will take place. As well as releasing tables for dinner.
Being the center point of contact for the event.
Keeping everything running according to schedule.
Facilitating procedures such as cake cutting, toasts, games, and the bouquet toss.

Why Hire a Professional Wedding MC

The MC is one of the most visual and vocal people at a wedding and someone who can connect with all personality types in a crowd. It’s important that they know the couple, aren’t cheesy, and can conduct themselves in a poised and professional manner while knowing when to inject energy into their delivery.

Think this job sounds easy? Sure, when one chooses a well-known friend or family member to fulfill this role as wedding MC, that can sometimes lead to added pressure for someone who is not entirely comfortable in such a crucial role for the special day.

This is where the help of a professional wedding MC can be tantamount.

When one takes the route of hiring a professional wedding MC, there is peace of mind in knowing that the couple and guests are in good hands and that everything is going to go according to plan, as there will be an experienced MC present to facilitate a smooth flow of events for the day.

Additionally, a professional wedding MC understands the important balance between performing the formal duties and adding a touch of humor and energy to the day.

When it comes to the topic of a wedding reception, there are unforeseen moments where technical issues present themselves, which can cause delays and added stress to an already stressful situation.

A professional MC in this regard will keep the evening running smoothly without anyone knowing something went wrong, as they know how to react to these unplanned moments that aren’t exactly penciled in for the day.

Find More About Wedding MC with Orion Entertainment

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Every wedding is different, so our professional wedding MCs work closely with all clients to ensure that they know exactly what the day should entail. Call us today and get a free quote! Contact us via our convenient online form or call our team and let’s make that dream a reality together!


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