Simple Beach Wedding Ideas – Theme, Decoration, and Venue

Simple beach wedding ideas provide you with excellent planning flexibility. Rolling waves and warm sand give a simple beach wedding a romantic atmosphere, while the expansive area is ideal for pitching an event tent or entertaining guests. A beach wedding leaves plenty of room for guests, decorations, themes, and more.

Beach weddings can be stressful due to the added weather factors and other unforeseen inconveniences. Without thorough planning in advance, your beach wedding could end up a disaster. If you’re considering a beach wedding ceremony, these simple beach wedding ideas will help make the special day one you’ll never forget.

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Simple Beach Wedding Ideas

Your beach wedding doesn’t have to be extravagant to be memorable. The following ideas will help you save money, simplify the process, and cross off necessary to-do list items while planning your wedding. 

  • Stay local for your wedding: You don’t have to travel far. If you live by the coast, go to a private or public beach nearby to save money and get the beach wedding you want.
  • Budget based on essential elements: Handle the most costly and crucial elements first, such as wedding attire, catering, and entertainment needs, so that you can monitor the rest of your budget.
  • Consider non-traditional wedding attire: Sandy, warm beaches mean you can wear casual clothes, swimwear, or other outdoor clothing.
  • Check and finalize the guest list: Ensure your loved ones receive invitations and remove guests you don’t want coming.
  • Ensure permits are in order: Handle legal matters such as wedding permits and marriage licenses before the big day to avoid scheduling inconveniences.
  • Consider a shoe valet: Sand and water wreak havoc on your attendees’ shoes. Let guests feel the sand between their toes instead. Get a shoe valet to keep your guests’ shoes safe during the wedding.
  • Hire wedding vendors ahead of time: Meet with vendors to ensure everything is in order. Get someone for beach wedding photos, a florist, a wedding officiator, and other essential vendors.
  • Have a plan for bad weather: Bad weather arrives quickly in coastal areas. Consider a pop-up tent or a backup venue in case of rain.

Simple Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Tasteful beach wedding decorations will connect your theme with the venue. Popular beach wedding colors include pastel shades of blue, orange, green, purple, and bright teal. These colors work just as well for decorations as they do attire.

An overall beach-themed wedding will bring elements of the ocean to your beach wedding favors, table decorations, food, and more. Natural coastal elements are the main focus. You can even send out beach-themed invitations to hint at the location.

Choose a beach or ocean-inspired cake with edible shells, get tropical flowers for your bouquets, or create a green entryway to your ceremony. Consider beach wedding centerpieces for each table with tropical Mediterranean flowers or fruit. Decorate your venue with palm leaves, or personalize each guest’s place marker with coral.

Wicker, bamboo, and woven furniture are especially popular for beach venues as they withstand many natural elements and give a rustic touch to the decor. String lights and flameless lanterns create a romantic atmosphere for nighttime weddings without increasing heat.

Simple beach wedding ideas don’t require much thought. You can use the very beach you’ll be married on to collect natural decorations, including seashells, colorful stones, beach glass, coral, palm leaves, and more.

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Dos and Don’ts for a Simple Beach Wedding

To make your simple beach wedding ideas successful, do plan ahead. You’ll need to consider the best time to have the wedding to avoid bad weather, ensure guests wear breathable clothing, and provide necessary items for everyone’s comfort, such as sunscreen or hand fans.

Avoid going over budget at all costs. While a luxurious, million-dollar wedding is memorable, your stress will skyrocket after you see the final wedding expenses.

Other important things to remember include:

  1. Read all contracts for vendors to avoid surprises
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan or fill out paperwork
  3. Have a backup for everything

Simple Beach Wedding Ideas That You Will Love! 

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