Why Should You Hire A Videographer For Your Wedding?

You’ve made one huge decision…to get married! Congratulations! However, with that one decision comes about a million more now that you’re planning your wedding. Fear not! With most research made possible through online sleuthing, you’ll be done before you know it. (Well not really but just go with me here.) Let’s tackle one question together: Do you need to hire a videographer for your wedding?

Another way to approach this question is: Will you regret not having one? Since this is one important day, it makes sense to want to be able to remember it clearly, and to be able to share it in the future. Photographs are incredible ways to relive memories, but being able to have moving footage (and audio!) is a whole nother immersive experience.

You Probably Won’t Remember Much From Your Wedding Day.

With the joy, excitement, possible nerves (and tears!), it may prove to be impossible to clearly remember your big day. Many couples report that it was all one big and beautiful blur. Details will inevitably be lost in all the hustle and bustle.

When you’re in the moment, you’re in the moment, so small but wonderful things, like the sound of a loved one’s laughter, may be quickly forgotten without a videographer.

Aren’t You Just Plain Curious About How You Looked?

Part of the fun of a wedding is being able to both look amazing together and there’s no shame in wanting to see that on film! Another advantage is for the bride to be able to see herself walking down the aisle from her friend’s and family’s perspective (and grooms!) Also, the ability to hear each other saying your vows out-loud is something that just can’t be captured without a videographer.

With Video You Can Be The Stars Of Your Own Little Feature Film.

With the addition of music, colored tones, and the careful direction of a videographer, you can create something pretty magical. Gone are the days of shaky, boring, and unartistic wedding videos. The quality of film is much much higher than it used to be and videographers are more aware of personal style, creativity, and uniqueness.

Sharing Is Caring

Having a video of your wedding grants you the ability to share your day with others (along with each other) for years to come. Think about that for awhile. For anniversaries in your future, what a great way to spend an hour or two of it! If you plan on having children (or grandchildren) you will be able to share this day with them. Also, if a friend or family member wasn’t able to be with you, what an easy and thoughtful way to share your wedding with them.

Hey, What About The Drawbacks?

A common concern is that the videographer will be in the way. This may have been true in the past when cameras were enormous, but this is no longer the case. Videographers will be dressed like any other guest which will also help with blending in.

Being camera shy can be another concern for some couples. A videographer will be moving around, interviewing guests, and just generally in the background making it easy to be forgotten about.

Budget is another worry for some, but it just may be less than you think! Many couples will cut something else in their budget to make it possible. A common example is asking your guests to become your photographers! This usually creates unique, candid, and personal photographs.

Ok, ok you’ve convinced me! Now what?

If you want a suggestion for a videographer, I’ve got the one! (A little wedding humor). Check out Orion Entertainment to see some gorgeous examples of wedding videography done right!