What can our Selfie Pro Booth do for your Business?

Our Selfie Booth is the perfect photo booth for your corporate event, conference meeting, or open house. In the modern world, it’s essential that your brand gains traction on the web. Our Selfie Booth can help you do just that!

With digital delivery straight to visitors mobile devices, your guests are far more likely than a classic photo booth to post your branded content on their personal social media pages - every marketer’s dream! There is nothing like getting your event’s attendees to do your marketing for you. Everything from the digital props, overlays, messaging and more can be customized and tailored to you and your event!

We have seen truly impressive results from using our Selfie Booth at our own events. With the option to customize a landing page button in the gallery (where guests will download their photos) you can directly increase web traffic to the destination of your choosing. This is great for small businesses and bigger companies alike - especially if you are promoting an upcoming event or just want more hits to a specific web page. After checking out our Google Analytics page after one event, we actually broke a record for traffic to our website, 10x more people visited our site that day than on average. While we can’t guarantee an increase to that magnitude, you will certainly see positive results for your landing page of choice.

All of our “Selfie Pro” clients, receive a comprehensive analytics report after their events. Our clients can see exactly what their guests did with the photos they took at the event! They can see how many, and what percentage of their guests posted the photos to instagram, facebook, snapchat or twitter - although it does not show the posts themselves due to privacy protections. Still, it is proof positive that your guests are marketing for you! Client's can also see which photo was the most viewed, and post it to their own social media pages for maximum engagement. This report is our way of putting our money where our mouth is! If you don’t see the results you were hoping for, at least you will know for sure whether or not the investment is worth it for your next event - but it’s definitely worth taking the chance without wondering about the impact you made.

Looking to grow your mailing list? If you would like to follow up with the people who came to your event - people who could be future customers - we add a subtle disclaimer to your booth screen stating that “By inputting your contact information, you are consenting to receive updates from (insert your brand here), this information will never be shared with third parties”. All of these incredible, and powerful features come included in our "Selfie Pro" package, only available to our corporate clients!

Information is power, so use our selfie booth to your advantage! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.