Seattle's Best Bar Mitzvah DJ

Bar mitzvahs are a ton of work. Your kids put in countless hours of time studying Torah, learning t’filot, and going to Hebrew school week after week so that they can be ready for the big day. After all that hard work, you want to make sure that their bar mitzvah party is going to make all of that hard work worth it in the end. There is only one way to guarantee that your child’s bar mitzvah party is going to be as “lit” as they’re hoping it will be – hire Orion Entertainment. Seattle’s best bar mitzvah DJ.

We aren’t afraid to say it anymore, we know it’s the truth. But what exactly makes us Seattle’s best bar mitzvah DJ?

1. Experience: Bar mitzvahs are the bedrock of our company. They’re how we got our start and we haven’t forgotten it. In the last 5 years, we have performed at over 100 bar mitzvahs, in 3 states, with just as many happy clients. We know how to keep the kids engaged with fun bar mitzvah games and play the right mix of music to get everyone on the dancefloor. We often assist our clients in planning the timeline of their event. Our clients know they can rely on our expertise to know what to do when so the flow of the evening is seamless. We also have tons of recommendations for amazing local vendors we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Trust our experience and you will have an evening you and your guests will never forget.

2. Connection: We have deep roots in the Jewish community. Being Jewish ourselves, we know what a bar mitzvah party is meant to be. We know the traditions, the music, and the significance of this meaningful day for your entire family.

3. Passion: Proof of our passion is in the energy we bring to your child’s Bar Mitzvah. We want you to have fun, and let us worry about keeping your kids engaged. We love interacting with the kids and coming up with new and interesting bar mitzvah games that they’ve never played before – or putting new twists on old classics. This is probably what sets us apart, our passion for what we do, and our energy to keep up with 50 of your son or daughters closest friends.

4. Professionalism: If you have ever had to plan a large event, you know there are a lot of moving parts. It’s imperative that your bar mitzvah DJ is punctual, professional, and can help you move through the evening’s programming seamlessly. You need to be able to depend on us, and you can. Not once, have we ever delayed the start time of an event, canceled last minute on a client, or failed to perform our promised duties.

Just ask any one of our previous clients, and they will tell you that Orion Entertainment is the Best Bar Mitzvah DJ in Seattle. Don’t believe us? Just ask, and we will connect you with a previous client who would love to tell you all about us.