5 Tips for Choosing the Right Photo Booth Rental Service

Photo Booth rentals are a fun addition to many big events.

Weddings, proms, sporting events, conferences, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations all have a market for the popular entertainment. Event planning can be tedious and the amount of options can be overwhelming. Here are five tips to help ensure you book the right photo booth rental service for your event!

1.Use References or Reviews

Perhaps you have already enjoyed the best photo booth service or heard great reviews from friends and family. Using a company with a review from someone you trust usually feels more reliable. If not, research local photo booth rental services and read the reviews. Also try researching about the company and find out how long they have been in business, if they are sponsored or partner with anyone, and where they are located.

2. Set A Budget

Photo booth rental services have a wide range of prices with different packages and can get pricey for larger events. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your options for both the service and the package.

3. Find The Best Deals and Promotions

Many photo booth rental services may offer special discounts and promotions. These opportunities to save could come from referrals, holiday specials, or discount packages. So don’t be hasty to book, and take the time to compare deals.

4. Get The Most Benefits

Most photo booth rentals offer a variety of packages. Be sure to compare the different packages and what they include so you can be sure you get the best bang for your buck. Define your needs prior to looking. Do you need the photo booth rental for 3 hours, or all day? Is self- serve sufficient, or do you need an onsite assistant? Do you want just digital sharing, or also print outs and DVDs? And don’t forget about the backdrops, props, size of the booth, photographers, and lighting.

5. Know Your Audience

The photo booth rental you book with may depend on the audience of the event based on the different package themes offered. For example, many photo booth rental services offer packages specifically for weddings. Many also have theme packages such as “hipster” and “millennial” that target various age groups. Choose a company and package that is appropriate for your audience size, age, and style.