Mike Tech Magic – OEP EP. 3

On this week’s episode of OEP: Get to know DJ Mike Tech, one of South Carolina’s finest.

The Week-in-Round-Up: Our hosts are gearing up for event season as the sun comes out in Seattle. Erin celebrates her birthday with the Orion Crew, and David got his second Covid Vaccine! Mike’s Sister gets married and he gets a little emotional. So who is DJ Miketech?

DJ Miketech

Mike got his start in the music industry as a Radio DJ and later transitioned into clubs, private events, and weddings. “People that heard me on the radio… wanted me to MC their parties, that’s kind of how I got started in the private event space. In the industry we call it call-and-response…I am going to say something to get the crowd to say something back to me or get the crowd to interact with what I am saying. People hire me because I can get people involved and engaged in their events as a DJ/MC.”
Mike is so much more than an MC, he is also a skilled turntablist. You can check out some of his mixes here!

Miketech DJ

He knew early on that his music taste clicked with his wedding clientele, coming to the realization that the 90’s throwbacks that millennials enjoy in the club, is the same kind of music people want to dance to at their wedding. Mike has a passion for nightlife and weddings, and often he will have brides and grooms that will hire him for a wedding, end the evening early, and gives his couples VIP treatment at his nightclub in SC.
Mike’s DJ company in SC has a similar mission to our own. Mike’s desire to blend the world of nightlife and private events together, is what drew him and I to collaborate. When we realized that our wedding seasons start when the others end, we knew that it would be a perfect match. “These days brides and grooms want to go out afterwards in their tuxedos and dresses.” Mike’s goal is to make his couples feel like VIPs on their wedding day.
If you are thinking about having a little Mike Tech Magic of your own at an upcoming event, fill out the contact form and mention Mike in the message. We will set up an initial consultation and you can determine if he is the right fit for you and your wedding, fit to be a corporate event DJ, club night or private party!


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