How To Host A Virtual Event: Expert Tips & Guide

So what precisely is a virtual event? In short, a virtual event is an online event that can take the form of a virtual conference or a live stream experience. It involves people interacting in an online terrain on the internet as opposed to a physical position.

To understand this concept more, one could ask, “How does a virtual event compare to an in-person meeting?” In an in-person meeting, one would have to limit the number of attendees for logistical & geographical reasons. This limitation is not a factor in a virtual event, as the setting allows for numerous participants on a global scale.

Both have their perks, which is why it’s good to know exactly what this ever-so-popular option entails and how to host a successful virtual event.

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Types of Virtual Events

Virtual event hosting ranges from the likes of commercial-orientated events to more social events. Some of which include:

  • Virtual conference – Virtual hosting a meeting within an online terrain allows organizers to reach wider followership and include profound speakers from across the globe.
  • Virtual music concert – Popular artists nearly get together to perform for an audience. This can also be organized for good causes and solidarity toward a common interest.
  • Virtual career expos – This allows organizers to detect and reach top potential employees through a virtual meeting.
  • Virtual onboarding training – This enables businesses to increase productivity and train attendees through interactive tools similar to webinars.
  • Virtual networking events – This provides a space for people with common carrier interests to come together and network in a virtual terrain. A wide range of networking events can be hosted, including happy hours, after-work get-togethers, after-work drinks, and numerous further socially structured virtual events.
  • Virtual social shake-up – Growing fashionability is the virtual happy hour for individuals within a work or office terrain.

Challenges for Virtual Events

What challenges can one face when hosting a virtual event?

The following factors can be seen as grueling when looking to host a virtual event.

  • Program schedule: A virtual event host will need to precisely design their event to make sure that the specific pretensions and objects are met during this online experience.
  • The difference in time zones: Hosting a virtual event means access to global followership, which though a profound advantage, can be grueling when trying to feed to a wide range of timezones.
  • Availability and technology: Tech experts need to ensure they’re suitable to maneuver any interruptions and use the software correctly to allow for participation and availability through the event.
  • Minimal personalized interaction
  • Guest engagement: Maintaining guest attention is one of the biggest challenges.
  • Online security: Due to the high number of individuals attending, the threat of cyber-attacks means that a virtual event could be an occasion for data breaches, and substantiated data can not always be said to be secure.

Tips for Hosting Virtual Events

How to host a virtual event? 

Below are some helpful tips that allow those looking to try out virtual hosting to be visionary rather than reactive in tricky situations.

1) Set clear objectives and be aware of the audience demographic.

2) Choose the right platform and the correct time for the event.

4) Promote the virtual event.

5) Develop a clear program that includes speakers and timeframes.

6) Ensure that the followership is engaged and handed with a space to interact.

7) Prepare for any specialized difficulties.

8) Oh, and let’s not forget- Hire a professional DJ

Professional Virtual DJ and Entertainment with Orion Ent.

With Orion Entertainment, one can use professional DJ and entertainment services to help organize and host a virtual event.

Music is a common ground for many and thus, creates a space for socializing and natural interaction. Hiring a professional DJ when hosting a virtual event ensures that one of the key elements is taken care of.

This way, you can make your virtual conference, bridal exhibit, or blend shake-up much more memorable with the help of a professional DJ. Virtual hosts and guests can send the DJ song requests through an interactive chat, thus encouraging guest participation, which is a key element to maintaining attendee attention.

Don’t forget, Orion Entertainment includes a virtual photo booth for all virtual events, allowing guests to use a link to capture moments using a camera of their choice, thus creating a space for social content enthusiasts to thrive. To find more contact us today!


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