How to Find a DJ for Birthday Parties

At any significant party, a true professional DJ for birthday parties will understand that different types of genres of music appeal to different guests.

A DJ party with one of your local DJs is exactly how you can spice up your parties.

DJ entertainment enables you to have a show-stopping party without the hefty costs of hiring or purchasing DJ equipment. But most importantly, birthday party DJs are expert entertainers. They read crowds. Adapt to crowds. They keep people on the dance floor and keep guests entertained throughout a variety of different formalities.  This is an art in itself!

Older generation parties, for instance, may focus on more 70s and 80s. However, even within these decades, there are pop, rock, soul, country, and other varieties which may appeal to some but not to others.

And that’s why hiring DJ services is the best decision you could make for your upcoming event.

DJ Services for Kids Birthday Party

For a kid birthday party or teenage parties, the DJ for children’s parties may be more inclined to play modern-day trendy chart-toppers. Kids have their own preferences for music. Speak to your kids to get an idea (if you don’t already).

This combined with fun games for the kids is an event worth remembering. Birthday party games have increased in popularity. Who doesn’t like fun games? Adults and kids alike enjoy party games. Make your kids’ birthday extra special with a party DJ. 

In any case, the party DJ must always have fantastic music knowledge and needs to have a clear understanding of how to shift between genres. This keeps as many people (or kids) on the dance floor as possible, at all times so to speak.

Need to hire a special DJ for kids birthday celebrations? Here’s what to keep in mind.

Hiring a DJ For Your Birthday Party Entertainment

Pick a DJ With Referrals

One of the best ways of choosing the right DJ for your birthday party would have to be through referrals. Ask your potential DJ if they can forward a few referrals from previous clients. Most DJs would be happy to do so. 

Choose a DJ Who Understands Your Needs

You wouldn’t want to hire a party DJ for a birthday party who wouldn’t even play your favorite songs, let alone pay no attention to all your requests during the event.

Some DJs are simply more innovative than others. Orion Entertainment launched an innovative app that allows you to collect a library of your favorite songs and other classic must-play music. You can easily import playlists from Apple Music or Spotify so that your DJ can come prepared with all of your favorite tracks. 

Choose a DJ That Ticks Your Boxes

While hiring a DJ for a birthday party doesn’t necessarily come cheap, and probably shouldn’t either. 

Consider this. Birthday party DJs will have to bring their own equipment for the event. Any Dj entertainment usually requires additional manpower. And each event is pretty much customized to the client’s preferences. As we said – it’s an art in its own right. And art doesn’t come cheap. 

If you are hiring DJ services that seem too cheap; the chances are you’re going to get the exact quality that the said price allows.

Chat about the price and let the DJ know the specific hours – as well as the duration – of the party. By knowing those details, they may come up with an estimate that will fit your budget.

MC For Birthday Party

The MC at a birthday party will have several duties. Here are some of them.


The MC is the main person on the microphone at a birthday party.

Depending on the kind of party, the MC will make the necessary announcements in order to keep party-goers on the same page.

At the same time, providing a lively and cheerful form of entertainment.

Setting the Tone

Generally speaking, people are in good spirits during a birthday party however the MC will inject energy when appropriate and suits the moment.

This may include exhibiting an animated and upbeat personality and utilizing well-timed humor if appropriate during some key moments.

Setting the Pace

Birthday parties are events with particular start and end times. In addition, there are several segments during the party that takes place at logical times.

DJ Birthday Parties: Advantages of DJ Services 

DJs are versatile. If you have a selective preference for music – they can make it happen. If you want a wide variety of music – this is not a problem either. Perhaps you would like instrumental music for dinner – also, no problem! 

A party DJ can fulfill different song requests should the need arise. Also, they are likely to have dozens of playlists to choose from so that they can fit the needs of your event.

Photobooth with DJ Birthday Party Services

Birthday guests generally love photo booths and it will be a form of side entertainment at all times. Having a photo booth will completely eliminate the chances of your event becoming boring.

Even when it seems nothing serious is going on, your guests will be busy taking fun photos.

Professional Birthday Party DJ from Orion Entertainment

If you’re looking for a professional birthday party DJ for your next birthday party, you will be chuffed to know that party DJ’s our thing.

Get in contact with Orion Entertainment for an amazing time.


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