Office Christmas Party – A Complete Guide

With the upcoming holiday season around the corner, it’s that time of the year again to start planning the ultimate office Christmas party. Christmas parties are a great time to get social with work colleagues in a less formal setting and celebrate the end of a year of hard work. 

To make such an event even more memorable, why not throw a photo booth in the mix and a professional office Christmas party DJ for the full entertainment experience?

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Planning Your Office Christmas Party?

When it comes to planning an office Christmas party, there are a few things to look at to ensure that everyone is feeling happy, energetic, and prepared for the upcoming holidays. Top of the list is choosing a date and securing the venue, followed by picking the right food and drinks, along with thinking of some think-up activities and entertainment.

Talking about DJs, hiring an office Christmas party DJ can provide the ultimate level of entertainment for all involved. Since many people are planning parties around the holidays, especially Christmas, one should book services like caters and DJs well in advance.

For those looking to host their Christmas office party within their office building, planning can be made easier by assigning some tasks to other employees or forming a management committee that will be in charge of organizing different services.

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Ideas For Your Office Christmas Party 

Christmas Party Decorations

  1. Hanging candy canes are a simple and elegant decor for Christmas. One can hang them on the office ceiling to bring the festive spirit to the entire office.
  2. Decorating the office cubicles with snowflakes or over the desks creates a snowy Christmas effect. One can even cover the office hallways with white carpets to add more to the decorations. 
  3. Hanging Christmas boots on the office walls is also a popular festive touch, and one can also add some extra elements to the boots by decorating them with red and white ribbons.
  4. One can also encourage employees to decorate themselves by asking them to dress up as their favorite Christmas character and ask them to stay in character for as long as they can before the office Christmas party DJ gets them on the dance floor.

Christmas Office Party Game Ideas

  • Dance Competition: A dance competition is a great way to get everyone involved by picking teams and choosing their song to display their best Christmas dance moves.
  • Christmas Charades: Charades are a popular party game and work well to loosen everyone up in the holiday spirit. Split the group into teams, and give each team member a turn to act out an idea from one of the following categories
  1. Christmas carols
  2. Christmas movies
  3. Christmas traditions
  4. Christmas legends
  5. Christmas characters
  • Christmas Cocktail Class: Since many office Christmas parties include a bar, why not shake it up with a Christmas cocktail class given by a hired bartender? Staff can decide on a few seasonal cocktails, such as peppermint martinis, spiked gingerbread eggnog, and gin poinsettia punch, and watch a bartender demonstrate how to make these festive drinks.

Extra Holiday Entertainment

Photo booths add a special touch that makes events more entertaining and memorable. Holiday-themed photo booths are especially popular as that means one can use many Christmas props that can be easily found, such as:

  1. Santa hats
  2. Elf ears
  3. Reindeer antlers
  4. Scarves and mittens
  5. Jingle bells
  6. Christmas light
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Office Christmas Party DJs For Complete Entertainment

End-of-year parties are not complete without an office Christmas party DJ to offer special entertainment to ensure a successful event. Professional festive season DJs will have unique remixes of holiday classics and fun old-school songs that will have everyone dancing and celebrating the end of the year. Let’s not forget that DJs come with a microphone making everyone’s dreams of Christmas shoutouts possible.

What Christmas Party DJs Can Offer?

Music can make or break any event, which means that this entertainment aspect of any office Christmas party needs to be well organized. By hiring a professional office Christmas party DJ, they can offer space available for staff members to make special holiday requests or dedicate songs to each other, further creating the perfect holiday atmosphere for all to enjoy together. 

A DJ can also provide staff members with their favorite tracks, which takes the pressure off to ensure everyone is included, as there is nothing that unites a crowd more than music. 

Orion Entertainment To Make Your Office Christmas Party Memorable

For the ultimate office Christmas party, contact Orion Entertainment, we can provide you with the best office Christmas party DJ and photo booths of all sorts to make your end-of-year celebrations memorable!


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