5 Tips to The Best Virtual Event Experience

tips to best virtual event

1. Dress to impress The physical act of dressing up, doing your hair and getting yourself ready will put you in the party mindset. You may only be “going out” from the bedroom to the living room, but not only will you look good, you’ll feel good and be in the right mindset to dance like no ones watching, because guess what, no one is!
2. Set up your own night clubThe audio quality of the DJ livestream is only as good as the audio device you chose to listen to it on. If you chose to party with us on your laptop or iPhone expect to have laptop or iPhone quality sound. A pair of headphones, the best set of speakers in your house, or even an HDMI connection to your TV should vastly improve your livestream experience and make you a part of the party. Decorate your space with streamers, and fun lights, put up signs and posters and make your environment one you want to party in. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your space amazing. Purchase colored lights online and replace your standard bulbs, set the mood, and make it a competition amongst you and your friends as to who can decorate their space the craziest.
3. Connect with your friends There are a ton of ways to share the experience with the people you love. Apps like HouseParty, FaceTime, and Zoom, to name a few, allow you to see other people during the experience and feel even more connected. Set up a simultaneous zoom call invitation to begin at the start of your virtual event and your whole squad is there for the entirety of the party. Post to instagram, tiktok, facebook, snapchat and use the hashtag your host provides you to be a part of the digital experience. We have partnered with Tagboard to display your posts live during your event. When you use your custom event hashtag you can see how other people are experiencing the virtual magic.

Best virtual event Dj

4. Give your DJ some love DJs thrive in a crowd environment and they feed off the energy of an audience. It can be daunting to stare into a camera lens in an empty room when you’re used to watching the reactions of a group of people. Sending your DJ positive comments or providing constructive and specific song requests with the title of the song, and the name of the artist can help the DJ customize their set for whoever is watching the stream. Making requests ahead of time on our mobile app can make it even more likely that the DJ will play your favorite songs. The more love and positive vibes you send your DJs way, the more fun and engaging the experience will be for you the viewer. The DJ will feed off of the positive vibes your post in the chat.
5. Treat Yourself and Embrace the ExperienceWhether the event is in person, or online, one thing remains constant. The goal is to celebrate, to let loose, and have fun. This is no time or place for cynicism, leave your judgements at the door. The more you buy into the experience, the more fun you allow yourself to have. Come in with a positive mindset and embrace the experience. Order your dinner on door dash, or grub hub, (and don’t forget dessert), have a spa day before the event, maybe order a new dress. TREAT YO SELF. You deserve it.


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